Grizzly’s Queen of Stevia

Stevia is from out of state and unrelated to most of our dogs. She is SO furry and fluffy–our own little English Golden lamb! She is half English and half  American show lines. She has a stocky, blocky build with large bones. As she get’s old enough, we will be getting her health testing done. Probably all of it will be completed by the end of summer 2019. She thrives on being around wherever the action is…even if she’s not the main star of the show. She tags along and is up for whatever you might have going. I love just hugging her.

DNA Test: ICH- Clear || PRA 1&2 – Clear || DM – Clear || MD – Clear || Prcd-Clear

PenHipp Hips: Pending

OFA elbows: Pending

OFA heart: Pending

CERF eyes: Pending