Our sweet Marshy is 6 1/2 years old and we have been honored to have such an incredible male in our breeding program. If you have had one of his puppies you know just how amazing his offspring are. We will continue on his lines through some of our dams which have his bloodlines. He adores people and is still full of energy, life and teddy-bear lovableness. We know our Marshmallow would be happy in a home where he can receive all the love and attention he deserves now that he can’t be the lover-boy he used to be here with the girls. (he is related to our current new dams).

Marshy has always been a favorite here. He has always been affectionate, eager to please and enjoys the river, hikes and leisure walks. He is average in size for a male and has a big, blocky head and creamy luxurious coat. His dark eyes and pigment contrasts stunningly with is light coat. If he was a human, all the ladies would want to be seen on his arm walking down the red carpet. Yep, I’m biased.

If you feel you’d potentially be the perfect home for him, shoot me a message or call me and I can interview you and see if we can set up a time for an introduction to our Marshmallow male.

grizzlykennels@gmail.com 406-414-7059 ~Katie Hodge

Adoption fee: $800 (only to an approved home)


Health clearances:

OFA Hips: Good
OFA Heart: Normal
OFA Elbows: Normal
Eye CERF: Normal

Golden Retriever genetic panel:

Degenerative Myelopathy -clear- PRA1&2 -clear-  Ich – Carrier – Muscular Dystrophy – clear- Pcrd – clear

Marshy’s Pedigree:

Birth date: June 22,2013
Weight: 75 lbs

(Below) Marshy as a cute little pup <3

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Interested in having a premium Golden pup to call yours? Contact Katie about getting in line for any of the future litters! Colors range from medium golden to cream. Puppies will be well socialized and pre-loved.