This post was long in coming! This was one of our doggie trips to our nearby river early this summer when the river was still too cold to swim in for us. However, the dogs LOVED it!!


Our Marshmallow Bear “Marshy” is one-of-a-kind. His easy-going mellow demeanor and pleasing personality makes him a joy to be around.


He did excellent with our little “Annie” at the river. Annie is as smart as a whip and was kind of being a little stinker with Marshy.

Always grabbing his ears and coat and putting her paws on his back like she was the “boss”.


Marshy was so patient and just kept cool until eventually he gives a little “back off” growl that meant it was enough!!


Annie was smart enough to leave him in peace after that. ha!

Marshy was so good about retrieving…and just loved spending that quality time with us!


Ruthann insisted on going across the river to this little inlet area…” It’s not deep at all” she says…ha! See her wading across. Oh my! We did end up getting wet, that’s for sure. 😀



Goldens are simply the best companions….ever! This is my biased opinion! Golden Retrievers simply want to be with you…It doesn’t need to be some elaborate doggie event. They just want quality time with YOU! Take your golden out and have some fun while the summer is still here! Find a fun hiking trail, or a nice river or lake to spend an outing at with your Golden! Happy Summer.

~Katie from Grizzly Kennels