There is something about raising puppies that is so amazing!

To see each pup from day one progress in his/her growth is so awesome!
I’ve watched as certain ones take on different traits as they mature and grow.
Really, each of these pups have a unique difference in them, which makes them all the more special and perfect!
Sometimes it seems to me that there is a couple pups that kinda “stick out” in the litter that people really want…but in all honesty, since I’m around these pups every day I get to know the pups so well, that there are things about each and everyone of them that just endear them to me! Maybe they don’t have that coat like ‘that one’ but the way they  look into your eyes with that look in their clear beautiful eyes really is so sweet….then another one will sit there at your feet looking up at you, adoringly….when you move then they follow you around, wanting constantly to be near you!
Of course there is always that little adorable & cute playful pup that is always quite a show to watch, and that little smirk on the teddy bear face is so enticing…that pup really knows how to get yoru attention!
In the past when I’ve picked out my favorite male out of a litter to call “mine” (until he’s taken) he’s usually been a rather calm, cuddly,mellow pup that loves to be safe in your arms….those pups are wonderful to have, just seem so perfect! But my favorite one this time is a little playful one, quite the fur ball, and a little stocky build and that sweet teddy-bear face! He’s as sweet as can be though, he  really is! # 1 rule about choosing a golden: ‘YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH A GOLDEN RETRIEVER’
It’s so important that you really get to know the pup for who he/she is! You’re going to be spending probably at least 10 years with him/her , so it’s important to get the one that really loves you, and responds to you! Also, pups know when you like them! They are good judges of people, and when they pick you out, you know that you have a loving and loyal companion for as long as that pup’s alive!
So, judge carefully when you choose a pup! Make sure you treat them well at all times! Start the training as soon as the pup comes home, they learn very fast what they should and should not do, and that way he/she won’t be confused later when you try to teach him/her things.