Fall/Winter 2019 litters!!

Our puppy prices range from $1600-$1800 depending on pedigrees

Accepting deposits now for future litters beginning of 2020


As mentioned below, some of these combos are “potentially” having puppies. This means that this is the hope, but it all depends on whether or not our health qualifications for breeding are passed. Honey and Angel are ones we have kept back from Buffy x Marshy and from Lucy x Marshy so they will continue on those incredible lines. Agave and Cupcake are getting health testing conducted now and may have litters in spring/summer 2020 if everything passes our qualifications!

Note that “ready” means that this would be the approximate pick-up time, not when they are born or the dam is bred. “Reserved” means deposit has been put down. “Pending” means that someone is sending a deposit and we are waiting for it to arrive via mail.

Lacey and Addy litters: 

Spoken for and in new, wonderful new homes!


Angel x Nick* 

Birth date : November 20th 2019

8 beautiful puppies, 7 males and 1 female

Puppies ready the beginning of January

Only one available male!

Puppies are $1800. 

*Nick is owned by Little Flower Goldens and is an incredible, outstanding stud from top European champion lines.

First pick male: Reserved

Second pick male: Reserved

Third pick male: Reserved

Fourth pick male: Reserved

Fifth pick male: Reserved

Sixth pick male: Pending reservation

Seventh pick male: Available

First pick female: Reserved


Spring/summer 2020 possibilities:

Cupcake x Koala

Ready end of March/early April approx.

Agave x Koala

Ready in June approx.

Lacey x Nick

Ready April-May approx

Honey x Koala

Ready end of Feb-early March approx. Honey has been bred.

Angel x Nick

July? approx.

 Izzy’s final litter of two sweet females

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