tn_480_f9b01e5160bd8528bfe4f3c6c175ef50.jpgAbout Our Dogs:

As a breeder, it is our commitment to ensure that each pup we sell is healthy and sound first and foremost, and then intelligent and beautiful. We’ve set quite a few standards here at Grizzly Kennels; it really is important to us that our business has a solid foundation and offers only the best Goldens!

Every dog in our kennel is an AKC registered, purebred Golden Retriever. All our dogs have been hand-picked specifically for breeding. We will not breed dogs with health issues from genetic problems. We want our dogs to be the best quality possible, and in exceptionally good health. We are continuously researching methods to improve our lines; both genetically and through implementing proper nutrition and supplements. Our goal is to improve the lines, not cheapen them, whether or not we lose money in the process. Quality is very important to us. I believe that you would be very happy with any one of our puppies. Many of our dams and sires come from show champion lines, others have a traditional or field background. The show lines tend to throw the blocky heads, and stockier builds. The traditional or field lines are often more lean, with longer faces and often darker in coloring. Our Golden’s coloring ranges from cream/blonde to copper/red.

All our dogs are well cared for, and we feed them high-quality dog food. Lamb is the first ingredient, and there is no corn, wheat, soy or an excess of potatoes and legumes. From the time they’re weaned, all of our dogs are given a natural supplement called NuVet Plus. tn_480_117d57117eced561ec06167d8e677342.jpgWe require all puppy buyers to continue to give this supplement once a day to their puppy for the first two years. I myself believe it is good to continue to give these supplements for life, but especially during the first couple years as they are developing and aren’t getting the unprocessed nutrients they need from normal dry kibble. However, with a nutritionally balanced raw diet, you would not need extra supplements as everything needed would be formulated correctly to meet your pet’s needs with the ingredients used.

All our dogs have spacious dog runs and indoor rooms/areas, and they love to play with us outdoors. In the summer we’ll take them to the river to run and play in the water with us. They really like that! In the winter, they LOVE romping around in the snow with us. Don’t get me started on how much they LOVE the mud…Muddy Retrievers they should be called in the springtime. Covered in mud with a big golden smile on their faces. ha! They are the type of dog that wants to do everything with their humans. Goldens are the best breed of dog; definitely the best family dog out there. You can’t go wrong with a Golden Retriever!

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