Our Dogs’ Diet

Here are the products we’re using for our dogs’ diets.  Kirkland Signature’s Lamb and Rice has been the main food we’ve used for our adults over 16 years. Some dogs are have different responses to various proteins, so find what works best for your dog.

kirkland signature lamb and rice.500

I like this brand because the first ingredient is a whole protein and they don’t have canola oil and unnecessary carbs like potatoes, corn, wheat, soy and neither is this heavily loaded with legumes. What’s in the top 5-10 ingredients are important.

I personally believe a completely raw diet is always ideal, though it is pricier and more time consuming. However, to create your own diet can often be unbalanced and have a lack of certain valuable vitamins and minerals. Find a nutritionist/Veterinarian Nutritionist to formulate a raw or home cooked diet which is specifically tailored to your pet’s needs. For a dog with skin, coat, or joint problems, I would feed a nutritionally balanced raw die. However, when you don’t feed raw, it is important to supplement your dog food*. Standard dog kibble is baked to death, leaving the vitamins and enzymes lacking. That is why we add the following supplements: *Even if the dog food is organic and non-GMO.

For puppies, we have been giving Diamond Naturals, lamb and rice LARGE breed puppy food.

We use Glucosamine + Msm for adult dogs. You can buy this from Costco; it’s made for humans but works well for dogs!

glucosamine Nuvet vitamins. This an immune system booster that’s full of vitamins and antioxidants. I order over the phone or online. (order code: 13303) I’ve noticed amazing results from using it for my dogs and puppies! Each dog gets one every day. We double the dosage for dogs that are old, pregnant, or nursing.

nuvet-plus-wafers-dogs-supplements-canineRaw eggs. Eggs are good for all life stages and help promote a healthy coat and skin. They’re especially beneficial for older dogs. Each adult dog gets one egg per day (more than that is fine, too), and each puppy gets 1/2 egg daily.

raw eggsWild caught fish oil. We have found a fabulous wild Alaskan Salmon/Pollock Oil supplement that keeps your dog’s coat sleek and healthy. Especially if you have a pet that struggles with dandruff or dry skin, I encourage you to try fish Oil. We use the Grizzly Salmon Brand.

Grizzly-Wild-Alaskan-Salmon-Oil-Line Raw bones  and organ meat are also fantastic. Don’t throw out the turkey or chicken necks –give them to your dog! Bones that are uncooked are soft and won’t splinter like the cooked bones. Additionally, they keep your dog’s teeth cleaner, and help bones and joints. If you have access to a butcher shop or ranch/farm see if you can get some organ meat in bulk at discount and freeze portions to top your dog’s food with for meals.  Of course, we also highly recommend fresh well water, sunshine, love, and socialization! 🙂