At this point we do not have any adults available for adoption 

Why retire our Goldens to new homes?

We believe that if we can find a home that is a good match for our retirees that we can bring joy to people as well as provide a home that will be able to give even more attention and love than what we could give. We will absolutely keep our adults if we don’t find the right home. We love adult dogs and have enjoyed our golden time with them. We have been encouraged to not hoard all the Goldens that come through here as many individuals do not have the opportunity or cannot get a puppy but are able to have an adult dog. From our previous experience in retiring our dogs, we have had such incredible results with exceptional homes with people who specifically wanted a mature dog and would give love and care every moment of the day. Goldens easily adapt wherever there is love, care and understanding. We typically have a trial period once a family or individual has met our criteria for a proper home for the specific dog. We want this to be a joy to both the family AND our Golden so everyone is able to adjust and evaluate how this will work.

With an adult, mature dog, you often forgo the chewing, puppy stage. You also know what you’re getting temperament-wise as well as the size and coloring. Any one of our retirees also has had extensive health clearances and testing prior to breeding so you are looking at a top quality, healthy dog. Our goal is to retire our dams around 5 years of age so they have plenty of retirement years ahead. They are only adopted on a non-breeding contract.

Details on Retirees:

Health Clearances done:

OFA hips
OFA elbows
OFA heart
CERF eye

Also Genetic testing is also done on most of our new dams and sire, so in the future, more health testing will be done on our retirees.

What kind of home would be best our Retirees?

Depending on which one of our Goldens will be eligible at the time, we will have different types of home environments/families that we’re looking for that would suit that specific dog. Golden Retrievers typically LOVE all humans, but just like us, they can still have their little things that they don’t like. For example, we had one Golden who hated all cats, so we would not allow her to go to a home with cats–for the cat’s safety. We want everyone in the re-homing situation to be happy and safe.


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Interested in contacting us for a puppy/dog? Contact Katie about getting in line for any of the future litters! Colors range from medium golden to cream. Puppies will be well socialized and pre-loved.