Grizzly’s Montana Koala Bear

This sweet boy is from the traditional bloodlines with the copper coloring being less stocky with more of that lean build. We love his dark pigment; nose and eyes. He lives for your praise and is very affectionate and eager to please. His smile will light up your world.  Our hope is that out-crossing with diversifying the bloodlines with adding him to our breeding program will be a good addition to breed our show american/show English cream dams to. So far we have had fantastic feedback on his offspring.

Heath Clearances:

Genetic Panel DNA Test:

ICH- Clear || PRA 1&2 – Clear || DM – Clear || MD – Clear || Prcd-Clear

PennHIP: Right DI: 0.30/ Left DI: 0.25
95th percentile for tightness within the breed!!
OFA prelim elbows: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal


Birth date: 03/27/18

Weight: 60lbs

* During the CAER exam we found that Koala has PPSC which are miniscule, static (unchanging) cataracts that do not interfere with his vision or well-being. The mode of inheritance is not known and to our knowledge his parents do not have eye issues. Furthermore,  Koala has passed multiple genetic testing related to the eyes and blindness which he is clear on!  In conclusion, Koala meets our standards and goals to provide genetically strong puppies with a lower COI ( coefficient of inbreeding) score and we believe his strengths will be a positive addition to the gene pool.