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One place I find happiness is in promoting healthy lifestyles; not just for dogs, but for humans, too! This page tells a bit about my journey to find health (along with the nutrients my body was lacking).

The key to finding optimal health is to address the root issue.

My motivation in researching to find a good supplement and a proper diet for my dogs stems from finding a healthier lifestyle for myself.


I thought I already was a “healthy” girl.

I was eating clean most of the time. Good quality protein, mostly gluten-free, sugar-free, healthy fats, nutritious veggies, and quality carb sources. I even drank top-of-the-line mineral and green drinks fairly often.

However, I was still tired in the afternoon. You know, the thing people call an “afternoon slump”? That was me. I didn’t feel like doing much. Even my mind was tired. Just meh. I felt lazy and defeated. Where was my willpower in the afternoon?

I also felt bloated, like my food wasn’t digesting properly. I didn’t feel like my gut was healthy. I knew I needed a good probiotic, but I thought the probiotics in my Kombucha would take care of that. Ha! (Yes, I still drink Kombucha. I make it myself. Ahh!) But I needed something more.

The problem: My blood-sugar was imbalanced.

And that’s when I found Plexus.

Maybe you’ve heard of it already…maybe you’re a user of it now!? Maybe you ask what it is?

This is my perspective of the company and my plexus journey:

Plexus Worldwide is a health and wellness company. One of its first products was a pink drink called “plexus slim”. Plexus slim is created to balance your blood sugar, and also keep your cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels. It helps cut sugar cravings and reduce binge eating. As a byproduct of healthy insulin levels, this acts as an energy drink! There are many other testimonies of what this “pink drink” alone has done to change lives! It’s not just a drink to make you skinny — but it helps burn fat, not muscle. Who doesn’t want that!

And guess what? They also have a very potent probiotic called “probio5”. This contains 5 strains of probiotics and 4 powerful enzymes that help to break down the outer layer of bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth in your gut. Most people have some yeast overgrowth and they don’t even know it, even though they have symptoms of it! Everyone should be taking a probiotic!

Plexus has a full line of products beyond these that include a multi-vitamin (Xfactor) that has a patent aloe blend (it helps you fully absorb your vitamins as well as the nutrients in your food). Then there is “Biocleanse”; this oxygenates your blood cells and is rich in magnesium. A huge percentage of the world’s population is magnesium deficient. There are also Plexus products that aid in skin problems, muscle and nerve discomfort, etc.

My research told me the ingredients were legit. Not merely a special brand name. I knew I wasn’t putting any harmful chemicals or synthetic vitamins in my system, even if there were claims of this or that. I wanted REAL.

I knew friends who had major health problems that took a drastic 180 degree turn after starting Plexus. But wasn’t I already healthy? Would I even notice a difference?

Well, turns out the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Did you get that?! How could they offer such a thing if their products weren’t effective? With only a 1% return rate, I figured it had to be worth a try.

I tried it. Not with a pre-conceived idea in my mind that I was gonna feel any different. I didn’t want a Placebo-type effect. (I took the “triplex” that includes the “Plexus slim” pink drink, the “Probio5” probiotic, and the “Biocleanse”.

Within a week I already felt different. By a month, I realized that it wasn’t leaving. The energy later in the day was mind-blowing!

My afternoon slump was GONE!

My mind was clear and alert. I went to sleep quickly, slept very deeply, and woke up more refreshed and ready to start my day than I had felt in a long time.

Multiple people commented on how my face had changed; how I looked slimmer and healthier. I lost that “puffy” look, and also some weight and inches in that short length of time!

My bowel movements were regular and I didn’t feel that bloating and bad digestion feeling. My unhealthy food and sweets cravings came to an end. It was like I got more out of my food and didn’t feel like I needed to snack all the time.

For a long time, I had dandruff problems. I hated to use the harsh chemical dandruff shampoo, but my dandruff would get so bad without it. Turns out Plexus solved that problem all by itself, without the help of dandruff shampoo. I love having clean hair without having to use nasty stuff on it.

My skin has also improved. It’s more vibrant, and my acne-prone skin has been clearer and is looking great!

I thank God for Plexus and what it has done for me. I am excited as I get to help coach others as they’re pushing to get their health back and get their body balanced.

What is there to lose? Nothing. Not satisfied with the results? Get your money back, no sweat!

What is there to gain? Lots of stuff (see my list above).

If you want to try what I tried…contact me! Whatever your health goals are, I want to help you reach them! It would be such joy to me if I could play a part in getting you healthier than you’ve been in a long time!

And if you are looking for a business opportunity and have a heart for people, I would be happy to talk with you about it! This is an incredible company of integrity. Its products are life-changing!

~ Katie, manager of Grizzly Kennels

Katie Vannoy

Katie Vannoy

Manager at Grizzly Kennels

Lover of God and His beautiful creation. Breeder of amazing Golden Retrievers. Ambassador of Plexus, it’s about healthy!

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