Montana Wild’s Golden Grizzly

Griz was a boy we loved. He was the best playmate with the kids and they had loads of fun with him. He had a precious personality that made you just want to hug that smiling face. He was fun-loving, easy going, and incredibly good looking! Griz had a honey golden coat and well-set head with feathering and a thick coat.

Not only was Griz a beautiful dog, he also was intelligent. He was the best retriever and was the fastest with the obedience commands. You know, that perfect dog that makes you look so good in public. Ha! This boy was that. This was the dog that made me like male dogs. If you have one of his puppies, I’m happy for you!

Now Griz is getting loads of love more than we could’ve given him here, and he’s thriving and enjoying himself. Not only with his new family, but with another Golden buddy in his new home. <3

OFA Clearances:
OFA Hips: Fair
CERF Eyes: Normal
OFA Elbow: Normal
OFA Heart: Normal

Griz’ Pedigree

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