Q&A about getting on the puppy waiting list


Question: I’d like to get in line for one of your Golden pups, what is the next step?

  1. Let me know which sire/dam combination you are wanting to get in line for. We can discuss what options we have at present, as well as future litter possibilities. Feel free to voice all you’re looking for in your new Golden addition.

  2. Tell me what your gender preference on the puppy is. If you want to reserve a puppy, or a place in line in a future litter, I must know if you want a male or female. You might be further up or down on the list depending on how many people are already in line. This is on a first come first serve basis.

  3. After we have determined which litter you’ve decided to get in line for, you’ll send us a $350.00 deposit along with the filled-out contract. You can either mail, fax, or scan and email it to me. My address is on the bottom of the contract.

  4. I will contact you once I receive your deposit and contract to confirm you’re in line.

Question: What happens if there aren’t enough puppies in the litter I got in line for? Is my deposit refundable? 

Yes, in that case we certainly would refund that deposit. Or, you could transfer that deposit to another litter of your choice.

Question: When can I come visit the puppies? Will I be able to pick out my own puppy?

  1. Once the puppies are past 3 weeks of age, we can schedule a visit if you are already in line for one of the puppies. Keeping the puppies safe is our top priority. We ask that you do not come from another kennel/breeder,dog park or veterinarian’s office before coming here. Without knowing it, you could be a carrier for a virus like Parvo-virus which can be deadly to puppies.
  2. At around 5-6 weeks of age, the puppies will have went to our vet for a health exam; this is when the picking process begins. It starts with the first people in line for the males and the females. They can choose in person, or, if that isn’t convenient due to distance, can choose through pictures and description. Feel free to call me to chat more in detail about the ones you’re eyeing. I am happy to help you make your decision if you prefer me to do the picking. I like to have all the puppies picked out by 7 weeks. That way, the last people in line will know which puppy is theirs and they have the option to take their puppy home then.

Question: Are the puppies used to being with their mom? If I take my puppy at 7 weeks, does that mean I’m taking him/her away from mama?

At 4 1/2 – 5 weeks, the mom herself will start the weaning process. By the time they’re 6 weeks they’re entirely weaned and separated from mom already. Additionally, at that time they have been eating dry puppy food for a couple weeks. It is more the  litter mates that they’ll be missing.

Question: When do I need to take my puppy home? Is there a certain day designated for it?

It is up to you. Normally, it’s between the 7 – 9 week time frame when people take their puppies home. Additional weeks they stay here after 9 weeks will be another $75.00 per week. We feel it’s good to start the bonding and training right away. I know those of you traveling from other cities have certain days and times that would work best for you, especially if you’re travelling back home the same day. We can talk it over and schedule a suitable time. However, I schedule appointments on a first come, first serve basis so the sooner you know the day that works, contact me to set up a time that works well!

Get More Information

Interested in contacting us for a puppy/dog? Contact Katie about getting in line for any of the future litters! Colors range from medium golden to cream. Puppies will be well socialized and pre-loved.