Grizzly’s Mesmerizing Angelica

This sweetheart is a girl we kept back from a past Lucy x Marshy litter to possibly continue on Lucy’s lines if she passes all health clearances and our qualifications. She is the image of her mother and absolutely stunning. Her light blonde coat with honey highlights is beautiful. She is quick, intelligent and picks up on everything being very in tune and alert with what you’re teaching her. She is the ball champion here! My husband says even though he’s the one who throws the ball, she brings it to me. I think she’s cute!

PennHIP Hips:  Left DI 0.42 Right DI 0.42

In the 90th percentile rating with no evidence of Osteoarthritis in either hip.

DNA Test Panel: ICH- Affected || PRA 1&2 – Clear || DM – Clear || MD – Clear || Prcd-Clear

OFA Prelim Elbows: Normal

OFA Heart: Normal – Specialist

CAER OFA Eyes: PPM (Iris to lens)-Doesn’t impair her vision in any way