Hi! I’m Katie (Vannoy) Hodge

Since I was about 10, I have been quite involved with our Golden Retrievers: Helping with the puppies, brushing the dogs, feeding and watering, and going on delightful walks with them. Over the years, I became the manager and enjoyed being at the center of the Grizzly Kennel’s action. Now that I am married to the love of my life, Jaimz Hodge, we both have become the proud owners of Grizzly Kennels! I only love my “job” more as time goes on, even if it’s not always super easy. Difficulties have only helped us learn, and help prepare us for our future adventures.

One of my favorite things about managing Grizzly Kennels is how much I learn! There are heaps and heaps of amazing educational things to know about the Golden Retriever breed. A lot of my knowledge is picked up from other Golden Retriever breeders, and also various vets. There seems to be an endless supply of knowledge that you can glean about this beautiful breed, and I love that!

Our History

My oldest brother, Isaac Vannoy, started Grizzly Kennels in 2003 with his first Golden, Princess . Around 2010, he placed this business in my hands to manage. I would take care of the dogs, communicate with our customers, set up appointments, and edit the website. Since I am from a big family (9) there was never a shortage of family members involved and helping with the details of what breeding and raising puppies entails.

Now that my husband and I are owners, we primarily oversee everything with the puppies from the beginning personally. Our little daughter Talitha has started to become an important part in socializing. Our puppies learn to be around small children and know what is acceptable.

Our Philosophy (On Dogs and Business)

Socialization is a big factor in raising good pups, and I’m happy to say that our dogs are well socialized. I don’t recall any of our pups being shy or scared of people; they’ve had a lot of people experience and have been pre-loved and doted-on from day one. We implement the Puppy Culture protocols with our puppies as they grow. This helps prepare them for their new lives and families so they are confident and well-adjusted puppies ready to take on anything new with an exuberance known to the Golden breed.

Since music is a big part of who I am, our puppies get an ear for singing, piano, cello and even my panflute. Their reactions can be quite comical at times also!

One of our strong beliefs as a business is to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s not our business, but the Lord’s, and we want to run it in a way that is pleasing to Him!

God bless you all. 🙂

 Jaimz and Katie Hodge

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