Grizzly Kennels   
(406) 414-7059 Katie's cell
(406) 728-4076 home office
We are located in Missoula, Mt.

e To Grizzly Kennels!

We really enjoy

 selling English

 (Euopean) &

 American Golden

 Retrievers to people

like you! We prefer to sell

 locally, so that we will

 be able to meet you in person!

   However, for those of you

who are not within driving

 distance we offer

 North America wide shipping! One of our goals is

 to provide a gorgeous, healthy, and intelligent

 Golden Retriever to fit your personal taste! All

 that at an amazing price!! 

Our family has resided in the Missoula and

 surrounding area for over 75 years, providing

 reliable services in other capacities! We'd be glad

 to answer any questions you might have

 regarding our dogs! For those of you that have

 had Goldens know there is a reason they're called

 "Golden". They are simply the best dog around!!


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